Beihang World Debate Academy


Beihang University, Za in Proti Slovenia and the World Debate Institute are proud to announce the 2014 edition of an exciting program that we hope will appeal to all aspiring debaters of China, Asia and beyond.

See applications for Beihang Exchange Fellows below.

The 2013 program was a huge success. You can read about it at:

The 2014 program is confirmed for dates, but will only have space for 150 students. Therefore, there will be competitive admission. Application details will follow.

The program will feature the normal intense debate academy model we have become famous for. The program will instruct university students in the WUDC format in English.  Each day will feature lectures, small group drills and exercises, two fully critiqued practice debates, and elective courses that students may choose. There will be no evening sessions.

Beihang University and the World Debate Institute are proud to announce Fellowship opportunities for 2014. Ten students will be chosen to be named Beihang Exchange Fellows. Recipients will be allowed to attend Beihang University courses at no cost, will be given housing during their stay, and will be given a 2500RMB subsidy (approximately US$412) each month. Campus food service (not covered) is excellent and extremely inexpensive. Those who apply should have a debate background and will also be expected to serve as junior faculty at the 2014 Beihang World Debate Academy. Stays during the summer of 2014 should last at least a month and should include 18-25 July 2014. During the BWDA session all meals will be provided. The program is unable to grant air travel subsidies. The application form can be found at and completed forms should be sent to Alfred Snider at for consideration by 1 May 2014. Questions about course offerings should be directed to Guohong Xu of Beihang University at .

Faculty announcement: 2013 Faculty here, more to come for 2014!

John Sadek, Vermont, USA. As a debater was NEUDC champion, IDAS champion and USU semifinalist. As a judge broke at WUDC Berlin 2013 and was voted Top Judge at US Universities Debating Championship 2013.

Bojana Skrt, Slovenia. Director of ZIP, three times WSDC EFL World Champion coach, 2010 ESL WSDC Champion coach, coached WUDC top speakers and finalists, founder of IDAS and the debate academy model.


Dr. Alfred Snider, USA. Professor at University of Vermont, Director World Debate Institute, USA Coach of the Year, six recent debate textbooks, WUDC breaking judge, Convener USU 2009 & 2011 & Chief Adjudicator 2012 US Universities Debating Championship tournament, founder of IDAS.

Ben Woolgar, Oxford, UK. Best Speaker at Worlds in 2012 and a Grand Finalist in 2011, and is a former Champion of Euros and World Schools. He served as a DCA at Euros in 2012, and CA of the Oxford IV and Sydney Mini in 2011, and judged the ESL Final of Worlds 2013. He has coached in over 15 countries, including the US, Japan, Korea and Portugal. He holds a First Class Honours BA from the University of Oxford.


Drew Adamczyk-USA

Semifinalist US Nationals, Top Ten at US Nationals, 2nd Speaker Budapest Open & Vienna IV, Semifinalist Pan Pacific Championship.

Zheng Bo-China

Director China Debate Project, breaking judge at WUDC, CA at United Asians Championship.

Jonathan Borock-Japan

Kyushu University, decade of experience, Iraq Debate Academy.

Jessica Bullock-USA

Semifinalist US Nationals, Champion International Debate Academy. Champion Northeast Universities USA.

AJ Carver-EU

Champion Global Debate & Public Policy Challenge Budapest, Coach Hunan Normal University.

Geetha Creffield-Singapore

Coach of Singapore national team, World Schools Champion coach, Singapore Debate Hall of Fame.

Monica Ferris-Canada

Canadian National Champion, US Nationals Finalist three times.

Mariel Golden-USA

Semifinalist US Nationals, North America Debate Academy, Cameroon Debate Academy, International Debate Academy semifinalist.

Jernej Podgornik-Slovenia

Slovenia National Champion schools coach, award-winning teacher, and runs largest debate club in Slovenia.

Milan Vignjevic-Serbia

Open Communication Serbia, Convener of European Debate Championship, International Debate Academy finalist.

The program will arrange for housing opportunities at several levels that attendees can choose from. Low cost dining options on campus will be available with the use of an electronic meal card. There will be a registration fee. Registration details will be announced soon, so check back here.

For further information check back here or ask questions of the Director, Guohang Xu at .


Beihang University, Beijing, China 18-25 July 2014