Beihang World Debate Academy


Beihang University, Za in Proti Slovenia and the World Debate Institute will hold the 2015 edition of this exciting and growing program, appealing to all aspiring debaters of China, Asia and beyond.

The program features the normal intense debate academy model we have become famous for. The program instructs university students in the WUDC format in English.  Each day features lectures, small group drills and exercises, two fully critiqued practice debates, and elective courses that students may choose from.

Cost is 1000RMB ($175). Housing not included but a variety of reasonable housing and food opportunities are available on request. Contact for application and information.

Beihang University and the World Debate Institute are proud to announce Fellowship opportunities for 2015. Ten students will be chosen to be named Beihang Exchange Fellows. Recipients will be appointed as junior trainers in the 2015 program, will be given housing and food during their stay, and will be given a 2500RMB subsidy. Those who apply should have an extensive debate background and will serve as junior faculty at the 2015 Beihang World Debate Academy. The program is unable to grant air travel subsidies. The application form can be found at and completed forms should be sent to Alfred Snider at for consideration by 1 May 2015. Questions should be directed to Guohong Xu of Beihang University at .

Faculty for 2014! Five continents! Watch for 2015 faculty announcement soon.

Ratib Ali - Bangladesh

BRAC University, Bangladesh

World Champion ESL Debater, studies economics at Boston College in USA.

Zheng Bo – China

China’s original debate mastermind, WUDC breaking judge, Beihang World Debate Academy 2013, Faculty International Debate Academy, CA China Round Robin 2014.

Amanda Frank - Kazakhstan

Professor, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Faculty at International Debate Academy, World Schools Debate Academy, champion debater for Vermont.

Steve Penner - Canada

Canada national champion.

Gina Iberri-Shea – USA

Professor, US Air Force Academy, Faculty at International Debate Academy, USU 2014 DCA, USU 2012 Final Round Judge.

Steve Johnson – USA

Professor at University of Alaska. Successful international coach, former President of Worlds Council, Convener of USU 2015, published author of debate texts.

Peter Mesarec – Slovenia

Tab room master, has run dozens of tournaments, 10+ years Faculty at International Debate Academy. Expertise in Internet.

Arlan Narvaez – Venezuela

Professor, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Coached teams to World Finals, CA at Pan Americans 2014, Faculty at International Debate Academy, expertise in economics.

Jernej Podgornik – Slovenia

Faculty at Beihang World Debate Academy 2013, World Schools Debate Academy, leading European schools coach, expertise in philosophy.

Bojana Skrt - Slovenia

Director of ZIP Slovenia national debate program. Coached teams to World Finals, coached several World Schools titles, Director of International Debate Academy.

Alfred Snider - USA

Professor, University of Vermont, USA. Debate training in 43+ countries, CA at USU 2012, WUDC breaking judge, CA at many tournaments, 10 years Director of Operations for world’s largest tournament USA high school nationals 7000+ people. Published author of numerous debate texts.

Marius Yannick Binyou-Bi-Homb – Cameroon

Studies at University Senghor Egypt, Cameroon Debate Association, Faculty at Cameroon Debate Academy, Africa-wide debate organizer.



The 2013 program was a huge success. You can read about it at:


Beihang University, Beijing, China 15-22 July 2015