Cameroon Debate Academy


The program was a great success in 2013! We hope to have another program in Cameroon in the near future.  Thanks to Cameroon Debate Association and the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC)for their support.

85 people attended this one week event. Sessions and debates were held in French and English.

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The program is a perfect example of how a debate academy can be planned and executed for very little cost if local organizers prepare and work with us!


Mariel Golden, Vermont, USA

Patrician Johnson-Castle, McGill, Canada

Ken Newby, Morehouse, USA

Alfred Snider, Vermont, USA

Marius Yannick, Cameroon Debate Association

...and more!

The program will feature the normal intense debate academy model we have become famous for. The program will instruct university students from all over Cameroon, West Africa and the world. The event will be held at the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) in Bamenda in the WUDC format. Each day will feature lectures, small group drills and exercises, two fully critiqued practice debates, and elective courses that students may choose. There will be no evening sessions.

The program is a partnership between Catholic University of Cameroon, the Cameroon Debate Association and the World Debate Institute.

The program will arrange for housing opportunities at several levels that attendees can choose from on their own. You will need to make your own arrangements in Bamenda.  There will be a small registration fee. Registration details will be announced soon, so check back here.

For further information check back here or ask questions of our host at CATUC Dr. Tange or our Cameroon Debate Association partner Marius Yannick .


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The Catholic University of Cameroon in Bamenda organized a debate club and began trainings in 2011. They reached out to the Debate Academy movement and the World Debate Institute to see if they could organize larger trainings with more experienced faculty.

Dr. Emmanuel Azie Tange had a vision of a weeklong debate training program in the summer for a large number of students using skilled foreign trainers along with those that had been trained in Cameroon. Alfred Snider of WDI recruited two skilled trainers from Cornell University, Paul Gross (originally from the University of Vermont) and Joseph Damiba (originally from Burkina Faso), to plan such an event. Catholic University of Cameroon is providing classrooms, local instructors, students, as well as faculty housing, food and local transportation. WDI and the instructors are covering airfare to Cameroon. Those in Cameroon wanted excellent debate training and WDI was ready and able to provide assistance. The training will take place in English (which along with French is an official language of Cameroon, and Joseph Damiba speaks both fluently) and will be in the World Universities Debating Championship format.

Like most debate academies, the program is a combination of short lectures, small group exercises, practice debates with critiques and elective offerings followed by a tournament.


Catholic University of Cameroon at Bamenda 22-27 July 2013