21-29 NOVEMBER 2015


The 13th International Debate Academy Slovenia will be held in Gozd Martuljek and Ljubljana, Slovenia. The program is aimed at university students, teachers, debate instructors, organizers, and judges. It uses the WUDC/BP format, and will be conducted in English.

Last year over 100 students from four continents attended the event which culminated in a full tournament with OVER 50 teams.

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FACULTY FOR 2015 - more will be added


Janja first started debating in 1997 in Lincoln-Douglas format while being an exchange student in Oklahoma, USA. Since then she has graduated in political science (University of Ljubljana), completed a master's degree in diplomacy and military studies (Hawai’i Pacific University), and travelled around Europe and the world attending debating events – competing and adjudicating. Sometimes also as member of organization teams. She spent many years working in Slovenian state administration, serving presidents and governments (and sometimes kings and queens!), though she would say that being involved in logistics of the Slovenian EU Presidency was the most fun. She is a fantasy fan with affinity towards anything military, always curious about the world. Currently also very interested in complex systems and chaos theory, and passionate about cross-disciplinary connections. Janja now lives in London, continues to work on her PhD in international relations with focus on UN SC and the use of force. She is also a Commissioning Editor for E-IR, the world’s leading website for students and scholars of international politics, and a Contributing Analyst for Wikistrat, the world's first crowdsourced consultancy.


Now coach at the University of Vermont. WUDC 2014 Finalist, EUDC 2013 Semi Finalist, multiple tournament champion. Duncan is a graduate of Cambridge, St Andrews and Glasgow universities. He was a Finalist at Chennai Worlds in 2014 and a Semi Finalist at the European Championships 6 months earlier and was the winner of last year’s Ljubljana IV. He has been director of training at Glasgow University Union for the past two years, training the Malaysia and Zagreb breaking teams.


Gina is a professor at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has directed the USAF team to considerable success, including IDAS titles, Western USA Champs, and considerable success on the USA circuit. She has been a regular feature as a final round judge, including the US Universities Debate Championship grand final. She directs a major tournament each year at the USAF Academy.


Rhydian is an internationally acclaimed instructor who has taught debate, rhetoric, and communication theory and skills, on four continents, in over thirty different countries, and to students from all over the world. A graduate in Modern Languages, Philosophy, Linguistics, Law, and Theatre, he focuses on the construction of logical arguments, and the performance of delivery. He has also conducted wider study into the psychology of communication, and how the brain’s biases affect cognitive processes of data analysis and memory, and what this means for audience persuasion. He is currently looking at dominant narratives in media and political discourse, and the impact of these as motivators in society, and developing new courses in specialist communication for professionals.


Ken is an accomplished debate trainer and attorney. While maintaining a high profile legal practice in Atlanta Georgia, he has now revitalized the debate program at his alma mater, Morehouse College, leading them to international success. They have twice won the Pan American Universities Debate Championship, have been finalists at the US University Debate Championships, as well as champions of the Asia Debate Academy and a number of national titles in the American parliamentary debate format. He has been CA of Pan Americans and will be the convener for US Universities in 2016. He has been a faculty member at the Cameroon Debate Academy and the Asia Debate Academy.


Bojana is the director of Slovenia’s Za in Proti national debate program and has created a debate boom that has made Slovenia one of the world’s leading debate success stories. She has coached multiple world champions in ESL & EFL categories of WSDC, has coached her team to WUDC ESL finals, has coached the ESL and the EFL top speaker at WUDC, has founded and led a string of debate academies around the world, has directed major international debate conferences, and specializes in debate teacher training.


He is the Edwin W. Lawrence Professor of Forensics at the University of Vermont. He teaches debate, argumentation, persuasion and rhetorical analysis. He is the Director of the World Debate Institute and the Lawrence Debate Union. Dr. Snider has engaged in formal debate training in over forty-four countries.   In 2012 he was the Chief Adjudicator at the US Universities Debating Championship and in 2014 and 2015 the Pan American Universities Debate Championship. In 2013 the National Forensic League named him as the coach of Team USA for the World Schools Debate Championship 2014 and 2015. He has published numerous books on debating in the last few years and has edited or written over fifty volumes about debating and for debaters. He is the host of over 478 episodes of the television program Flashpoint. He maintains the world’s busiest debate website, Debate Central (http://debate.uvm.edu) with millions of visitors. He has pioneered using the Internet and new media for debating.


13 years' experience in debate; 5 years' service as the Chief Adjudicator and Chief Trainer for the Croatian Academic Debating League; breaking EUDC adjudicator; CAed several international tournaments and judged several dozen international finals; done training and workshops for 10+ different institutions internationally, including International Debate Academy Slovenia, WSDC Slovenia, ESU Turkey Debate Academy, and Nazarbayev University Debate Academy; co-founder of HERMES (Croatian Education and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication); a firm believer in the transformative social and individual potential of debate and debaters. Feminist, activist, language addict.





We will be in the Hotel Špik, which is in a village named Gozd Martuljek, 3 km before Kranjska Gora. Hotel Špik is really nice, it has a big indoor pool and very nice working rooms. So, do not forget to bring your swimming clothes with you. The hotel has free wi fi in all the rooms and working space. You can find more information about the hotel at http://hitholidays.si/sl/hotel-spik 

For the tournament all attendees will be bused to Ljubljana food, housing and break party will be provided. The debates will be held at the University of Ljubljana.

Sample program from 2014 can be downloaded at http://debate.uvm.edu/dcpdf/IDAS_2014%20_program.pdf

Sample schedule from 2013 can be downloaded at http://debate.uvm.edu/dcpdf/IDAS_2013_SCHEDULE.pdf

REGISTRATION FEE The registration fee is 350 EUR and covers the whole Academy - instruction, housing, tournament, food from dinner on Saturday, 21 November to lunch on Sunday, 29 November.

IMPORTANT The participation fee does NOT cover any extra nights. In case you are coming a day earlier or stay a day later, we can book for you the rooms in the hotel, however, an additional fee of 35 EUR per person needs to be paid. 

TOURNAMENT ONLY REGISTRATION FEE:  25 EUR  covers tournament expenses and 2 lunches (NO accommodation!). We can provide accommodation for an additional fee if you contact us.


Visa processing documents cost - can be individual or group visa guarantee letter, visa invitation letter, hotel confirmation letter - 20 EUR in cases when they are sent by email; 

in cases when we do need to send originals by fast post it is 20 EUR for processing the documents + mailing costs. 

Accommodation in 2, 3 or 4 bed rooms. There are limited number of single rooms for additional cost of 16 EUR per person per day available. 


10 November 2015 

Fill out application form at http://debate.uvm.edu/idasall.docx

and send it to idaslovenia15@gmail.com


15 Novmber 2015 - your spot is not secure until payment is received and confirmed.


Bank name: Nova ljubljanska banka, Podružnica Moste, Bank adress: Nove Fužine 33, Ljubljana, Slovenia



Bank account holder: Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga, adress: Svetosavska 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Purpose:IDAS 2015  

All the bank transfer costs on both sides must be covered by you.


There is your responsibility to come to Hotel Špik, however we are more than happy to assist you.

FROM LJUBLJANA AIRPORT You have two options – go to Ljubljana (there are vans standing outside the arrival terminal), it costs 9 EUR, they take you to Ljubljana bus and train station (they are together). In Ljubljana you take a bus to Gozd Martuljek or a train to Jesenice and from Jesenice a bus to Gozd Martuljek/Kranjska gora.

The other option is you book the van to take you to Gozd Martuljek – this is worth doing it if there is a group of minimum 5 people – than you will pay less than taking a bus to Ljubljana and than a bus to Gozd Martuljek. If you want to book a special transport, especially from the airport, but can be done from Ljubljana train/bus station as well, you can send an email to borut.markun@siol.net – they do have vans and cars and doing pick up services. The same is true if you want to come from the airport to Ljubljana or vice versa. You can do the booking in English. You should send your name, date and hour of your arrival, flight number and the airport where are you coming from, of course where you would like to be picked up, like Ljubljana airport, Ljubljana train/bus station or a specific hotel in case you arrive earlier.

Here is the Ljubljana – Gozd Martuljek/Kranjska Gora bus schedule: 06:30 a m , 07:30 a m, 09:30 a m, 10:30 a m. 12:30 p m 13:30 p m 14:30 p m 16:30 p m, it costs around 9 EUR, it takes 2 hours.

Here is the Ljubljana – Jesenice train schedule: Ljubljana 06:50, Ljubljana 07:27, Ljubljana 09:27, Ljubljana 09:45 Ljubljana 11.26, Ljubljana 12:50 Ljubljana 14:41, Ljubljana 15:25, Ljubljana 15:33, Ljubljana 16:55, Ljubljana 17:50, Ljubljana 18:55, Ljubljana 20:48m, Ljubljana 23:50, it costs 6,75 EUR, it takes 1,20 minutes. Jesenice are 28 km away from Kranjska gora. The last bus from Jesenice to Kranjska gora goes at 17.57, after that taxi is an option.

If you are flying to Venice, than you can contacted the transport service at www.goopti.com - they are reliable and responsible or you can to with borut.markun@siol.net for the Ljubljana airport option.


Each day involves lectures to three separate experience level groups along with small group exercise sessions. Each day also features two full debates critiqued by faculty. Each afternoon many elective classes are offered for students to choose two. Everyone from the training component takes buses to Ljubljana. A six round tournament will be held. Housing will be offered for two nights in dormitory along with meals and a break party.





International Debate Academy Slovenia