Jamaica has had debate activities for a long time, but now the urge is for expansion to other institutions and other populations.

The World Debate Institute was proud to partner with the University of the West Indies in an effort to promote this goal through the Jamaica Debate Academy. On 1-5 September 2014 a workshop for students, trainers, teachers and judges was held on the UWI campus. The faculty consisted of WDI director Alfred Snider of the University of Vermont, Carlton Lowrie and Roger Bent of UWI, and Randall Martinez of the University of Miami. Experienced Jamaican debaters and organizers also played a big part in instruction. The program is being organized by Marcia Bishop, Rose Cameron and Roger Bent.

Look for future plans in Jamaica and the Caribbean!

To learn about this event, email Roger Bent at rogerbent.bent@gmail.com

Crowd gathers for debate - Group from Barbados

Carlton Lowrie, Roger Bent and the winners of the public debate on nuclear weapons

Jamaica Debate Academy, University of West Indies, 1-5 September 2014