The World Debate Institute is proud to partner with ZIP Slovenia and Great Debaters Morocco to present an intensive advancement program for debate trainers and teachers from Morocco. Approximately 75 will attend the workshop.

11-13 December 2015, Rabat, Morocco

The instructors will be Bojana Skrt of ZIP Slovenia and Alfred Snider of the University of Vermont USA. The program is planned and implemented by Rajae Boujnah of Great Debaters Morocco. Special thanks to the USA Embassy Rabat for their support and sponsorship.

Great Debaters Morocco is a youth-led organization that ensures youngsters are provided with the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on issues and topics that concern them both as Moroccan and global citizens. Its main mission is to help students have a tolerant environment where they can express themselves freely, trade opinions, learn to accept other people's beliefs and develop proficiency in public speaking and debate. Its main goal is also to instill a better understanding between people of different backgrounds, cultures, points of view, etc. The GDM believes that through dialogue and respectful debate youth can collaborate and reflect collectively on solutions for global issues and conflicts.

This program is not affiliated with the Moroccan Debate Association, the MNDT or the Moroccan Debate Academy School in Casablanca. “Debate Academy” is the name that WDI and ZIP use for their programs all around the world. 



5-7 PM

Introduction, assessment & orientation

Definitions and processes

Value of debate participation

World Schools Format


9 AM Organizing debate part 1

11 AM Coffee break

11:20 AM Organizing part 2

1 PM Lunch

2:30 PM Teaching debate part 1

4 PM Coffee break

4:20 PM Teaching debate part 2

5:30 PM End of day


9 AM Hosting events part 1

11 AM Coffee break

11:20 AM Hosting events part 2

1 PM Lunch

2:30 PM Building debate networks

4 PM Coffee break

4:20 PM International opportunities

5 PM Closing and evaluation

5:30 PM End of day