August 23-28 2015

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

Free - no charge - housing separate

Each year the program trains many outstanding university debaters. Come and become one of them. Learn from our talented team of trainers.

WUDC debating is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and especially in North America. The North America Debate Academy tries to help students from everywhere learn how to participate in this exciting activity, as well as how to succeed in local, national and international competition.

Teachers and coaches interested in learning more about or in starting a WUDC debate program at their college or university are very welcome!

The program is open to those at any experience level who are willing to try hard. If you are not serious about improving, if you do not intend to work hard, please do not attend. Trainers and judges are welcome but will be expected to debate.

The program is located at the University of Vermont in beautiful Burlington, a delightful four-season tourist town with many nightlife attractions. The program is sponsored by the World Debate Institute, the Lawrence Debate Union and the University of Vermont.

Come and join us!

Attendees provide their own housing and food. We suggest Other low cost options can be suggested on request.

Curriculum includes: short lectures, lots of exercises, exposure to many motions, two critiqued practice debates a day, innovative instruction. Learn ways to keep training yourself and others after you return home. SPECIAL TRAINING FOR TEACHERS AND COACHES.

Sessions at Huber House, 475 Main Street, and adjacent classrooms.

Space is limited, so apply early. Application form at , fill out and send to

Faculty for 2014! Thank you for all you did for us! Watch for 2015 faculty listing soon.

Lindsey Caroline Dixon Clemson Debate Team

Monica Ferris, Chief Exec World Debating Council

Mariel Golden. Vermont, broke at Oxford & Yale, North Am finalist

Hannah Herman, the King's College

James Hardy, WUDC Masters Champ

Alli Hamlin, Vermont; Yale Finalist

John Meany, Claremont, USU champion coach

John Patrick, Cal Poly SLO

John Sadek, Vermont; top judge USU 2013

Sarina Selleck, Vermont, Tufts; Budapest & Vienna champ

Rebecca White, Vermont; World Debating Council women’s officer, LDU President

2014 NADA program had:

11 critiqued full debates

6 formal lectures divided up by experience groups

10 rigorous exercise & drill sessions

Daily informal instruction

6 free nights to enjoy Burlington, Vermont, rated by many surveys as America’s #1 city for quality of life.

At 2015 NADA we will apply and enforce the University of Vermont Code of Students Rights and Responsibilities. Please inspect this document.

North America Debate Academy